LECT1, RISKS I & II - I) WOC : ENVIRONMENT Environment...

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I) WOC : ENVIRONMENT Environment = Efficient use of local resources Mongolia – Black Horse Mountain : very dry environment. Where do you get fuel? Rebublic of Congo – search of cassiterite (SnO 2 – “tin oxide”) –used to make computers, cell phones, etc. ~100M $/year Global Warming : ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/1 = Al Gore talk -Green House Gases : CO 2 , methane(CH 4 ), water(absorbs ~15% of solar radiation; 15 billion tons in the atmosphere) *Malaria (3000 children die/day) ; Higher Temperatures => mosquitoes that transmit the disease can live further north ~65% reduction in greenhouse gas emission is needed to combat the problem of global warming *Methyl Bromide (CH 3 Br) : Breaks apart ozone layer. Used as fungicide. Other problems with gases in the atmosphere: -Forest fires in Borneo – cooking fires *SO 2 (sulphur dioxide) : by-product of burning a match; destroys lungs when combined with O 2 . Biggest source : burned hydrocarbon. “Asian Smog” – going up in levels in Asia. *Nigeria : flare up oil to get rid of it. .. WATER: -amount of freshwater is ~ teaspoon compared to the jug of seawater -~1 billion people have no acess to clean water ~2 billion people have inadequate sanitation; poop is burned and used to cook *Nile River : 90% of Egyptians use this river water What goes into the water? *Nashua river = red river from paper factory. Cleaned up now. *old flush(pre 1994 in the USA) = 1.6Gal (6L)/Flush (2x as much as today) *50-90% of antibiotics are flushed down *shampoo *rubber from tires; rubber lost can make 200 million flip-flops! SOIL : *Dioxin contamination(1979, Seveso, Italy): Recently, an 1881 soil sample showed about half the amount in the surface soil at the same site! Dioxin is formed by metal smelters and wood combustion. *Adriatic Sea (next to Italy) : a lot of crap in it. .. ENERGY: ~7% goes into making plastics -are plentiful at the moment and constitute ~85% of Energy source in US, 8% nuclear, 6% Renewable Energy(mostly Biomass and hydropower, then geothermal, wind(2% of that 6%), solar(1% of that 6%)) -where does US get oil from? Canada (biggest importer), saudiarabia, mexico, Venezuela, Nigeria -Reverses in world : oil (80 years), Gas(70 years), Coal (700 years). -compact fluorescent bulb vs. 500 lbs of coal
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RISKS IN OUR LIVES A) SCARY FACTS: Fish Meat : Dioxins = By-products (not made on purpose). Incredibly toxic Buns : Acrylamide = known carcinogen Corn : contains Lutein (antioxidant which reduces the risk of macular degeneration). Some are “genetically modified” Spinach : some were contaminated with E.Coli. A sick wild animal pooped in a field Alcohol : a known carcinogen, which would not pass FDA approval if it were a synthetic compound. There is no threshold; even a small amount has a risk, however small it is. Risk of breast cancer
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LECT1, RISKS I & II - I) WOC : ENVIRONMENT Environment...

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