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DRINKING WATER *Red Tide (natural phenomenon)= due to a type of algae, which when burst into bloom, look red collectively. Myth was that this is when hell opened to take in new people. These algae release Brevetoxin A into the air and is problematic to asthma sufferers. * Romans unknowingly drank water contaminated with lead because of their use of lead water pipes. It is suggested that their bizarre behaviour was due to lead intoxication *Used to be chamber pots that were emptied out on the streets through windows. *Water can carry bacterial diseases such as cholera and typhoid and viral diseases such as hepatitis. A) STEPS TO WATER CLEANING Dr. John Snow(1849) : placed spots on a map which corresponded to people who were affected with cholera. Noticed that most cases were near water source. Pump handle was removed number of fatal cases per day decreased. First time that it was shown that disease can be carried through water . Cholera causes intestinal ulcerations, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal perforation and death. Thomas Crapper : Laid the foundation for the sewage system in London. Chlorine : More lives have been saved by chlorination of water than by any other intervention . Chlorine gas pumped into water forms HCl(Hydrochloric Acid) and HClO( Hypochlorous acid ; actual disinfectant material). Bleach can also be used to purify water because it contains sodium hypochlorite, which also generates hypochlorous acid. This is an equilibrium reaction so more hypochlorous acid can be formed as it is used up. *chlorination of water eliminated
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