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Oral history Context: 60’s global Revolts Influenced by international movements Growing black consciousness Product of that time Cross cultural, trans national solidarities Text: genre History of a slave woman, fairy tale Focused on a little girl in Africa History of slavery was mostly begin with the arrival in the new world, then follow the colonial habit and erasing the African past. As if there was no past White man’s burden to civilized the inferior Devaluing African history
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Unformatted text preview: Ascribe a past to the girl, follow the girl She had something but she lost it, it was excruciating She is human she must take her life and end her life here where there is just so much inhumanity Cyclic,, timeless ritual, reincarnation Scene on the slave ship, she feels isolated, she is chained, she is lying in her waste, feels degraded, unable to move around and interact with other, she can’t communicate verbally diaola (language)...
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