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Punishments were exemplary. Thought the slaves about obedience. Sleeping indoors, no backbreaking labor, still subjected to the same humiliation. reinforced in her life, she is there to serve the white girl. Given the task to feed chicken and kills them all. Whether it is intentional is ambiguous Zombie, neither human nor dead. Could no longer be part of the land of the living. She is trying to wash away her “niger” smell. Expression of the colonizing group. – Africans and mixed were at once physically inferior, needed to wash
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Unformatted text preview: more, and more tolerable, never welcomed. By law in general. Blacks were forbidden to read and write. Almost no written documents from slaves. Girl dressed up as shepherdess for his amusement. Her show of servility, is performing the tasks that is assigned to her even more perfectly, she is showing them that she is showing refinement, she is showing that she doesn't need to be taught. She acts of revolt and resistance is different....
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