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tws 10.11.10

tws 10.11.10 - in the eyes of a child a person arrived in a...

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cereus blooms at night Haiti slave revolts succeeded. first black republic Haiti was an indigenous word Indentured servitude became the new source of cheap labor after slavery was abolished recruiters would kidnap, forcibly take people to Americas indentured were desperate, forced dirt poor, living barracks They are always treated with irony and criticism cereus – tropical plant, the cycle exotic plant, magical quality of only blooming once a year, intense and delightful scent, and in hours becomes a dreadful stench. a strong healthy person, fulfill promises and in an instant tragically dies, life cycles of human beings genre: a woman named solitude/ fairy tale telling the story in a native,
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Unformatted text preview: in the eyes of a child, a person arrived in a new planet, critical perspective, took nothing for granted • genre: cereus bloom/ suspense, reunions, irony, levity • we don’t always know who is talking • tyler, first person narrative, gay man, nurse, charity nursing home, run by the community and public, • introduces the theme of queerness, considered to be bizarre, • although they have different experiences of queerness, they are both regarded the same way, they are socially ostracized • we never really learn how tyler learned mala’s story, • smoking nana is a little queer, grandmother of tyler, • chandin marrys sarah, has asha and mala(pohpoh) • •...
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  • Spring '11
  • winsol
  • strong healthy person, word Indentured servitude, cereus bloom/ suspense, black republic Haiti, solitude/ fairy tale

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