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cereus blooms at night gothic genre, things work out to seem as though they could be married mala is freed from the father, ambroise and mala meet after decades, otto and tyler, otto, male/male and tyler female/male identified supplies the potential marriages in a completely transformed matter there are things about ways mala interacting with tyler that she is aware and meaningfully engaged with him, her status as a mad woman, there is this one moment, where tyler the narrator refers to mala’s madness as mildly calling into question, the matter of her madness, given the context of her relationship with tyler looking at the mad woman in the attic, these are women who have been abused, they have been driven mad by social problems, women have become scapegoats the whole community (guantamametera) driven mad by abandonment by mother and chandin’s events it is not accurate to say that she is not mad
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Unformatted text preview: there is lots of textuable evidence that she is mad her is not able to , she is still dependent on others to create a meaningful social context tyler the narrator, in the end seeing only what she is able to see it is now taking a form that is less painful for her, she is not able to be integrated to be much happier barrier making means that she still felt the need to protect herself from her father we have to grasp the distinction between what we as readers know and what mala herself knows while we know about the 10 oclock ritual, she doesn't understand the significance of her actions, she is acting out unconsciously expression of happiness and hopefulness of being reunited with her sister in the future walter becomes a judge the community is mobilizing in a way that is more supporting of her...
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