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tws 10.25.10

tws 10.25.10 - what was taking the job in the industrial...

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- what was taking the job in the industrial production was information society, use of internet, personal computers, high speed communication lots of money is exchanging, virtual exchanging hands in the blink of an eye create worlds and lives in a flash de-industrialization, mass loss of jobs, downsizing outsourcing, production overseas, punk-rock emerges, in protest of what is happening unprecedented number were moved and involuntarily, to places they have never gone before, vast number of Mexican workers, cheap work labor partial because of the restriction by the lending companies, its not just people in rurual villages trying to survive, economic pressure from other organization like the u.s. and the world bank where the Caribbean is concern, time in the u.s. in france, in the xenophobia, in attempts to block immigration, people tend to be defensive, and key scapegoat are the immigrants, the foreigners, changing the way we eat, we talk
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  • Spring '11
  • winsol
  • French people, French nationality law, high speed communication, virtual exchanging hands, cheap work labor, eye create worlds

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