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narration between the past and present position is spectro narrator never identifies as character in the novel, but at the same time, doesn't eliminate the character to give the segments of the characters two effects, obliged to see the relations, the way they are juxtaposed formal means of creating suspense written in a way to show creals ( street talk) mina is shown as someone who has more experience, she in not the same person as when she was living in pimon speech patterns tell us about the characters, as well as the world view
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Unformatted text preview: filtered through the characters. • metropole – aka French • metropolitan • negropolitan, shows inferiority, trying to be metropolitan but still seen as a negropolitan • reaccuring of ghost, demons, evil • effects on them is like taking over their body without any control • she is consider someone who is more educated • ghost appears when grief is too great for the heart to bear, alluding to situation of it •...
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