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Cuban journalist miserable living in Angola Portuguese colony, last colony mid-1970s, uprising overthrew Angola is independent, political, right to have own government and live by its own rules does have a viable economy, need Portugal Marxist faction, backed by soviet union and cuba Cuban character to be said to Angola to support marxist faction to take power cuabn is there who are soliders fighting for Marxist in Angola main character, morisio , not solider, journalist sent to Angola because be wrote stuff in mangola that the government doesn't like it he went there to write a newspaper for the Cuban troops,
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Unformatted text preview: place is covered with dust, dry, food is terrible he like everyone sent there is miserable he has been there for two years in the beginning, he is at the end of the two years and is about to go back there is another Cuban named asedes things loosen up a little bit now that one is going back he wants to go back to Havana through Madrid, because 1. for centuries in Cuban was a Spanish country he sees array of tulips, and he sees a childhood friend from Havana the friend left because he told the government that he was gay...
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