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tws 11.22.10

tws 11.22.10 - anyone who is perceived to be critical of...

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there is a lot of frustration and anger in these stories it is a criticism of this military school. it is very nationalistic they are in this military school to become men hard labor suppressing all emotion automatic conformity called element…. – number like disposable parts they are referred to as guinea pigs in the laboratory of cuba, socialism enlists our sympathy beatings from officers and the work they had to do this story is addressing coheresion at graduation, refuse to attend it - they are first recruited to work and then drafted into the army the inability to escape, echoes: any of the boys when they do not conform to the officers expectations . they are labeled as gay. in Cuban society , it is a very denigrated identity Maricios friend, Frankie self-identified as gay to leave cuba themes that these stories have in common: many of the stories focus on censorship
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Unformatted text preview: anyone who is perceived to be critical of the government, in novels, paintings, will be censored, prevented from publishing and circulating in you know my name, pressured to adopt pseudonym he will not be allowed to use his real name, in maintaining a bank account or cashing out he in the end refers to himself as gay in puerta de al calad he has written articles, there is a civil war going on and he is sent as a journalist for the Cuban soldiers, African language and Portuguese the conditions are awful, irretrievable loss irreversiable put a barrier he uses the newspaper to wipe his butt in the restroom, shows the view on writing in cuba the politics of emigrations, unable to pay for legitimate transportations, trying to come to the U.S. The Cubans in Miami, were aligned with facistics owners of large lands and factories, need the support of the Cuban...
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