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tws discussion 10.25.10

tws discussion 10.25.10 - • she ends up going to paris...

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diaspora – voluntary or forcible movement of people sharing a national and/or ethnic identity from their homelands into new regions. theme of female transgression narrative style: mina is the one telling the story, she is trying to repress it, not trying to act out it in any way not intentional repression, the reader doesn't get the traumatic event as well, she doesn't express very well, not shown the graphic description, different way of expressing her past examples of diaspora: political refugees/ economic genocide colonial times that made diaspora possible, taking the Africans on ships, aka. slavery, indentured workers contemporary examples: conditions of life have been getting worse, after the 80’s, post-industrial society replaced by overseas, migration among nations she is repressing her past and how that is a consequence, she couldn't stay there because she was 14 and has no family left
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Unformatted text preview: • she ends up going to paris, she finds a job in the school cafeteria, works with older alone women, one from Guadeloupe, Portuguese, Algerian, aka other migrants, performing the same job • how does she relate to olga: she sees that she is being used, mina trying doesn't know what her role, she is trying to figure herself out, “flirting with her sister’s husband” • she is bothered by the question “where are you from?”, eamnigns he is not from here, she doesn't fit here, you don't belong here, the fact that they are asking her, she is reminded that she is foreigner, • takes away hope of assimilation, she can’t do anything to stop people from asking that question • she is trying to get herself integrated into that society, douglas has been in france for so long, she wants to try and fit in •...
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