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weekly journal(week #2) - evolution of identity

weekly journal(week #2) - evolution of identity - in 1910...

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Grace Kim TA Stephanie Chan Doc1 B018 Oct. 10, 2008 Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #2) – “The Evolution of Identity” In the reading of “The Evolution of Identity”, Rosemblum and Travis use a chart to portray the growing diversity in the United States over time through the expansion of the categorization of people. They obtained the information through the United States census, starting from 1860 up until the 2000 census. According to this article, back in 1790, “white or ‘other’” were the only classifications of race. However as time progressed, many other races came into place such as Japanese, Hindu and Mexican. The option known as the “other” started
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Unformatted text preview: in 1910 and ethnic choices were offered starting from 1970. Though several racial categories were added, a few were either removed or merged together. Nonetheless, the chart shows the increase of racial specifications over time, proving the point of growing diversity in the United States of the past couple decades. Questions/Comments: • Whether the racial categories are added depends on population of the group during the time period. • Why was Hindu added and then taken out? • Why were some racial categories temporarily removed? • If a person was of mixed race, which racial category would they indicate?...
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