Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #2) – “Navigating Public Places”

Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #2) – “Navigating Public Places”

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Grace Kim TA Stephanie Chan Doc1 B018 Oct. 10, 2008 Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #2) – “Navigating Public Places” In the article “Navigating Public Places” Feagin and Sikes focus on the topic of racial discrimination mainly towards African American in the recent years of our society. They state their observations through others’ personal experiences. In this article, many of the African Americans used their statuses to their advantage by informing the offender of their wrongdoings. Most of the instances presented had similar points the discrimination experienced, the action taken by the martyr, and the outcome of the situation. African Americans were discriminated against on both an individual level (e.g. waiting to be served at a restaurant) as well as an institutional level (stereotyped). Feagin and Sikes imply that people today may simply let others
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Unformatted text preview: get away with prejudice, but those in the examples were not letting the offenders off the hook for the reason that they need to be “educated”. The outcomes were similar throughout the occurrences; the offenders were dumbfounded by the new and unfamiliar situations so the tables were turned. To conclude, it is suggested not to always assume discrimination, but to carefully analyze the situation before deciding. Questions/Comments: • The stories were interesting to read. They kept my attention and focus on the topic. • I understand that sometimes people unintentionally discriminate due to what they are fed from the media. • It struck me as true when the article mentioned that middle-class black Americans end up experiencing the same everyday racism no matter how much success or money they have....
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Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #2) – “Navigating Public Places”

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