Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #3) – “Color-Blind Privilege”

Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #3) – “Color-Blind Privilege”

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Grace Kim TA Stephanie Chan Doc1 B018 Oct. 17, 2008 Weekly Reading Journal Entries (Week #3) – “Color-Blind Privilege” The article “Color-Blind Privilege” focuses on the thoughts on whites towards the idea of racial inequalities in today’s society. Through the information obtained through interviews of white, many whites believed that racial inequalities were non-existent. Gallagher uses examples such as Secretary of State Colin Powell to point that most whites are under this impression of racial equality due to the advancement of minority groups and the close interactions between races. Therefore whites are able to create this “color-blindness” in races to conceal those hidden
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Unformatted text preview: privileges of whites and form this belief of meritocracy, social status earned through hard work. Questions/Comments: • I think there is like a split in the minority race of either being well achieved or poverty-stricken. • The “color-blindness” theory works well in today’s society because many whites who idolize a black celebrity. My signature affirms that I have followed the Thurgood Marshall College Academic Honor Code. _____________________________________ _____________ [signature] [date]...
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