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An Analysis of The Glass Menagerie

An Analysis of The Glass Menagerie - want to see her...

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An Analysis of “The Glass Menagerie” In “The Glass Menagerie,” the dialogue reveals the tone of anxiety, by reflecting on the complex relationship between an apprehensive mother, and an apathetic daughter. The mother, Amanda, comes home and says, “deceptions.” She tells Laura that she visited Laura’s business college and now knows that she has been lying to her. Instead, Laura explains, she has been walking all day because she threw up when she went to typing class. After Laura reveals her faults, Amanda becomes “bewildered” by Laura’s actions. The scene where Amanda draws a long breath and takes out a handkerchief, demonstrates the tone of anxiety, as Amanda is very bothered by Laura’s choices. As Amanda banters Laura’s choices stating they would lead to a “pitiful”, “grudging”, and “humiliating” life, if an unmarried woman doesn’t harbor the basic necessities for a career. Although Amanda, states the extremes of society for an unemployed, unmarried women, she develops the characteristics of a caring mother, who doesn’t
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Unformatted text preview: want to see her daughter live a miserable life. The daughter, Laura, creates the tone of apathy when she expresses that she will never marry, because she is crippled. Amanda answers Laura by warning her never to call herself that, even though in reality, Laura has a leg defect. This scene demonstrates Amandas caring nature, as she tries to alter Lauras apathy into self-confidence. Amanda insists that Laura develop charm and vivacity that would mask her defect. Laura, who is disgruntled by the whole idea of being married, tarnishes the idea, as well as gives up hope in trying to find an alternative lifestyle. The tone of anxiety is reflected throughout the dialogue of Amanda, as she doesnt want to see her daughter suffer a harsh, neglected life. Therefore, the viewpoints of Amanda, as well as Laura demonstrate the ideal conflict when it comes to having an apprehensive mother and an apathetic daughter, who is stubborn in approaching the complexities of life....
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An Analysis of The Glass Menagerie - want to see her...

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