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Dialectical Journal - The Awakening

Dialectical Journal - The Awakening - Chapter/Scene Summary...

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Chapter/Scene Notes Summary The Pontelliers (wealthy French Creoles from New Orleans) rent a cottage from Madame Lebrun to spend their vacation in the Grand Isle, where it turns out that Leonce Pontellier is bothered by the distractions from the birds in the cottage. Function The parrot speaks both French and English, and as soon as the Pontelliers walk into the cottage it started to screech. Response I don't think the parrot is used to visitors, although it is a rented cottage, I believe the parrot is going to play an important role in the novel. Quotes " Allez-vous en! Allez-vous en! Sapristi!" (p.1)[Parrot] The parrot is stating "Get out" "Get out" "Damn it" to the new visitors, and shows why Leonce Pontellier didn't like the distractions in the cottage. Chapter/Scene Notes Summary Edna Pontellier, Leonce's wife, is coming back from the beach in the company of Robert Lebrun, the guesthouse proprietor's son. Leonce notices that his wife's skin looks very red and he comments that she showed poor judgment for swimming during the heat. Function Leonce is very concerned about his wife's sunburn, and he seemed to be very angry by the fact that she got sunburned in the first place, this scene shows Leonce's character towards his wife, and staring at her as if she were a piece of "property". Response I don't think Leonce Pontellier should've acted like he did towards his wife, and that he should've have such a bad attitude towards her. Quotes "You are burnt beyond recognition, he added, looking at his wife as one looks at a valuable piece of personal property" (p. 3) [Leonce Pontellier] demonstrates how Leonce treats Edna like a piece of property. Chapter/Scene Notes Summary Robert and Edna engage in conversation, Robert desires to seek his fortune in Mexico and hopes to travel there at the end of the summer. While Edna talks about her childhood in Kentucky and her sister’s forthcoming wedding Function Shows how Edna's beauty and personality reflects how she is easy to approach, and speak to. Response I find it amusing how Edna gets along better with Robert than her own husband, Leonce. Quotes "He was always intending to go to Mexico, but some way never got there " [Robert Lebrun] Robert speaks of his desire to go to Mexico, but also states that something has been holding him back every time he wants to go. 1.1 1.2 2.1 1
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Chapter/Scene Notes Summary When Leonce comes back from playing billiards, he tells Edna that Raoul seems to have a fever and wants her to get out of bed and go to him. When Edna refuses and does not seem concerned, he suggests that Edna should show more care for her children. Function Shows how Leonce doesn't treat Edna very well, as he should be. Response I believe Leonce should show more care in Edna, and understand her better, because she doesn't seem to like Leonce's presence, and he treats Edna like his own personal maid.
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