Kite Runner Dialectical Journals

Kite Runner Dialectical Journals - Chapter/Scene Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter/Scene Notes Summary The narrator begins the story by stating, I became what I am today at the age of twelve. The setting of the novel starts off in San Francisco, California, where the narrator receives a call from an old friend, Rahim Khan, from pakistan. Function The scene introduces the novel, as well as starts a journey of the narrator's past life. Also, the narrator brings meaning to friendship, as he recollects his bond with Hassan. Response I believe this chapter is substantial in preparing the reader to understand the narrator's past life. Quotes " There is away to be good again " (p. 2, Rahim Khan to the narrator) Rahim Khan is giving the narrator a second chance to set things right again. Chapter/Scene Notes Summary The narrator opens the chapter, by introducing his friend, Hassan, and a memory when Hassan would do anything that the narrator would tell him, no matter how grueling the task was, Hassan would always do it. Function The scene describes the narrator's character as being quite trivial, even though he is very good friends with Hassan, he seems to being using him a lot. Response In a way I believe Hassan is accepting responsibility for himself, and since he cares a lot about the narrator, he doesn't anything and everything the narrator tells him. Quotes " And te cleft lip, just left out of midline, where the Chinese doll maker's instrument may have slipped, or prehaps he had simply grown tired and careless " (p. 3, narrator to Hassan) the narrator is very rude to Hassan, but Hassan doesn't seem to mind. Chapter/Scene Notes Summary The narrator, lives in the wealthy family in Kabul, Afghanistan, with Baba (the narrator's father), Ali (Hassan's father ), and Hassan. We learn that Hassan has lost his mother because she decided to follow her dream of singing, and the narrator's mother has passed away. Function The scene intoduces what life was like in Kabul, Afghanistan, as well as recollects the impact of not having a mother has on two very young boys. Response I believe that the narrator acts the way he does towards Hassan, because he doesn't have a mother to help him be a better person. All he has is his father, whom, the narrator tries hard to get approval from. Quotes " He'd close the door, leave, me to wonder why it was always grown-ups' time with him " (p. 5, the narrator), the narrator doesn't understand why his father never acknowledges him. 1.1 2.1 2.2 1 Chapter/Scene Notes Summary Ever since they were babies Amir and Hassan were always together, and we learn that Ali and Hassan were Baba's servant who were of Hazara decent. We also learn that the Pashtun, had persecuted and oppressed the Hazara for invading Afghanistan....
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Kite Runner Dialectical Journals - Chapter/Scene Notes...

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