Things Fall Apart Dialectical Journals

Things Fall Apart Dialectical Journals - Chapter/Scene...

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Chapter/Scene Notes Summary The protagonist, Masuji Ono, opens the novel by speaking about the unsual process he had to come across when buying his house (screening and investigations) . Originally, the house had been built and owned by a Japanese man named Akira Sugimura. Function This scene allows the reader to understand how reputation and status plays a key role in Japanese culture. Response Usually status and reputation plays a great role in society, but not always whenever it comes to purchasing a home. Quotes "I can still recall the deep satisfaction I felt when I learnt the Sugimuras - after the most thorough investigation -had deemed me the most worth of the house they so prized. " (p. 10) [Masuji Ono to wife] Musuji Ono recollects his unusual process of purchasing the home. Chapter/Scene Notes Summary Musuji Ono recounts the time he last saw Sugimura's daughter, and recollects the despair she felt when her father's home had bomb damage. Musuji Ono still lives in Sugimura's home with Noriko(unmarried daughter), with annual visits from Setsuko (married daughter). Function Musuji Ono demonstrates his caring attributes, and you also understand that Musuji Ono is an elderly man, with a daughter who has had an arranged marriage. Response The novel is very focused on the Japanese culture, and links the key factors of status and reputation, as a big part of the culture. Quotes " If I spend the whole day moping, how did all these repairs get done? " (p. 13) [Musuji Ono to Noriko] Musuji Ono is trying to make Noriko more understanding of the realities of life. Chapter/Scene Notes Summary When Ono, Setsuko, Noriko and Ichiro (Setsuko's son), are in the garden, Ichiro misbehaves. Setsuko fearing that her father wouldn't agree of her parenting techniques, is upset with herself, but it turns out that Ono is not as stern as he used to be, and accepts Ichiro. Function This scene demonstrates how Ono believes that men should act upon the weakness of women with responsibility. Response The Japanese culture is based on a hierarchy where the women revolve around the actions of the men. Quotes "Women's work" (p.16) [Ichiro to Noriko] Ichiro believes that woman are inferior to men and are incapable of doing tedious tasks (like moving a heavy table). 1.1 1.2 1.3 1
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Chapter/Scene Notes Summary Ono's daughters constantly blame and question him for marriage negotiations, and are curious on why the marriage proposal with the Miyakes hasn't been initiated. Ono remarks that his status and reputation makes other people believe they are inferior to him. Function This scene advances the theme of how reputation and status plays a key role in negotiations and marriages. Response I find it puzzling that Ono is oblivious to what other people see him as. Quotes
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Things Fall Apart Dialectical Journals - Chapter/Scene...

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