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Astrocytes are the most numerous control the blood brain barrier Oligodendrocyte is responsible for making myelin in the CNS Schwann Cells make the myelin in the PNS Pendimal cell have cilia on them and help move spinal fluid and found in respiratory and reproductive tracts Myelin sheaths are much faster….saltatory conduction…node jumping Depolarization- sodium rushes out (more positive on the outside then inside) EPSP and ISPS- Look over Clinical-parkinson’s disease-ganglia…lacking in dopamine production causing rigid
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Unformatted text preview: movements Hunington’s kerea-damage to the caudate nucleus-autosomal dominant (degenerative disease) Aphasia’s – broken speech-Brocha’s no sense- Wernickhe Sensory information goes to the Thalamus Central sulcus- pre-handles motor functions Medulla is continuous on down-first part to hit (controls breathing and heart rate) Dreams most occur in REM-every ninety minutes Cranial nerves 12 Spinal nerves 31...
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