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Tutorial Week 1 Overview of Electronic Commerce 1 Chapter 1 Overview of Electronic Commerce Multiple Choice Questions 1. Dell’s cornerstone business model is based on the concept of: a. rapid business growth and threatening competitors. b. selling directly to small and medium sized businesses. c. build-to-order which allows customers to configure their own customized systems. d. e-collaboration with a few select business partners. 2. _____________ refers to the buying and selling of goods and services; servicing of customers; collaborating with business partners; and conducting electronic transactions within an organization. a. E-commerce b. E-business c. Pure EC d. Partial EC 3. EC can take several forms depending on the degree of digitization of the following three dimensions: a. the product or service sold, the process, and the delivery method. b. the business process, the collaboration, and the transaction. c. the payment method, the delivery method, and the production method. d. the marketing channel, the agent, and the collaboration method. 4. Purely physical companies are referred to as ____________ companies, whereas companies that are engaged only in EC are considered ________________ companies. a. pure play; virtual b. brick-and-mortar; virtual c. click-and-mortar; click-and-brick d. virtual; pure play
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2 Overview of Electronic Commerce 5. The ways in which EC is done include: a. the Internet and extranets. b. the Internet and private networks. c. the Internet, extranets, and private networks. d. the Internet, value-added networks, on local area networks using intranets, or on a single computerized machine. 6. _______________ are systems where only routine transaction processing and information flow take place between two or more organizations using a standard protocol, such as electronic data interchange (EDI). a. E-CRM b. Interorganizational information systems c. Intrabusiness EC d. B2B 7. A business such as Apple Computers making online transactions with its trading partners is an example of: a. B2B b. B2C c. e-CRM d. EDI 8.
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tutorial_week01 (1) - Tutorial Week 1 Overview of...

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