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Cindy Radford Med Surg II Homework Ch 51-55 NCLEX Chapter 51 1. A normal reproductive function that may be altered in a patient who undergoes a prostatectomy is production of seminal fluid . 2. Estrogen production by the mature ovarian follicle causes release of GnRH and increased secretion of LH . 3. Male orgasm is the result of rapid release of vasocongestion and muscular tension in the reproductive structures . 4. An age-related finding noted by the nurse during assessment of the older woman’s reproductive system is decreased amount of pubic hair . 5. Significant information about a patient’s past medical history related to the reproductive system should include previous STDs . 6. The examination technique used to evaluate the prostate involves palpation . 7. An abnormal finding noted during physical assessment of the male reproductive system is slight clear urethral discharge . 8. The screening criteria for assessing prostate cancer include a yearly digital examination for men over 40 . Chapter 52 1. An occupational health nurse is planning a program on breast cancer screening guidelines for women in the company. To best promote learning and adherence of the participants, the nurse includes explanations emphasizing the value of early detection of breast cancer . 2. The nurse teaches a patient who wants to perform BSE that the technique involves both the palpation of the breast tissue and inspection of the breasts for any changes . 3. In teaching a patient with painful fibrocystic breast changes about the condition, the nurse explains that restrictions of coffee and chocolate and supplements of vitamin E may relieve the discomfort for some patients . 4. While discussing risk factors for breast cancer with a group of women, the nurse stresses that the greatest known risk for breast cancer is being a woman over age 40 . 5.
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Ch 51-55 NCLEX - Cindy Radford Med Surg II Homework Ch...

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