Insanity Plea Assignment

Insanity Plea Assignment - C indy Radford Insanity Plea...

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Cindy Radford Insanity Plea Assignment In my opinion, an insanity plea is a poor excuse for serious lawbreaking, and should have no bearing on punishment. In a majority of criminal cases, especially murder trials, an insanity plea is merely a defense strategy aimed at delivering guilty defendants from the death penalty or serving time in prison. Defendants feign mental illness, and their attorneys use this loophole as a way to confuse jurors with complicated and questionable psychiatric evaluations (such as was used with Steve Nodine). Most defendants who are found not guilty by reason of insanity are released from mental hospitals years, if not decades, earlier than they would be had they served prison sentences. The insanity defense ensures that criminals can avoid the punishment that fits their crimes. Although high profile cases have distorted the facts surrounding insanity defenses, the insanity plea is a valid legal defense. Insanity defenses involve a thorough process of psychiatric evaluation to determine the mental health of the
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Insanity Plea Assignment - C indy Radford Insanity Plea...

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