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IPHY3410 February 24, 2011 Lecture 13 --- Cardiac muscle has endomysium attached to the fibrous skeleton of the heart, but does not have epimysium or perimysium. IV. Organs of the GI tract a. Mouth (oral cavity) - Epithelium type: stratified squamous - Mouth forms bolus of food (bowl of food) - NOTE: For convenience, the following accessory organs are considered here: - Salivary glands: secrete saliva into the mouth - includes enzyme to initiate carbohydrate digestion → amylase) - Secretory cells of the salivary glands - Cuboidal epithelium (secretory class of epithelial tissue) CLICKER QUESTION #1: The arrow in the figure shows the border between what two parts of the alimentary canal? → Esophagus and stomach CLICKER QUESTION #2: Individual villi actually move around to increase contact with chyme. What enables them to do this? → Muscularis mucosae: dislodges small particles of food at lining of GI Tract. Causes villi to move back and forth. 1Mm long, and small particles of food can get caught in between. CLICKER QUESTION #3: What region of the digestive tract is characterized by the presence of rugae? → Stomach Differences between villus and microvillus: Villi = 1mm high. Inside villus, big enough for blood vessels and lymph vessels. Macrostructure Microvillus = single cell. Nanometers in size b. Pharynx - Sections belonging to GI tract: - Oropharynx - Laryngopharynx (below epiglottis) - Epithelial tissue: Nonkeratinzed stratified squamous epithelium
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24 Anatomy - IPHY3410 February 24, 2011 Lecture 13 -...

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