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Unformatted text preview: Forensic and Investigative Accounting Forensic Chapter 12 Computing Economic Damages © 2009 CCH. All Rights Reserved. 4025 W. Peterson Ave. Chicago, IL 60646-6085 1 800 248 3248 Measuring Damages in Personal Cases Damage calculations that require additional Damage knowledge and skills (other than those used in commercial damages), include: commercial Wrongful death. Wrongful discharge. Complete or partial disabilities. Divorces. Similar situations that take into account the Similar economic value of persons. economic Forensic and Investigative Accounting 2 Chapter 12 Use of a Forensic Economist or a Forensic Accountant What does an attorney look for in and What expert witness in economic damages cases? expert – What is the nature of the damage calculations? – Who is best suited to calculate and explain the Who damage components? damage – Historically forensic economists have provided Historically most economic damage testimony most – Now many more forensic accountants are Now providing economic damages testimony providing Chapter 12 Forensic and Investigative Accounting 3 What is Necessary to Win a Economic Damages Case? Ec...
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