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iopasdfghjklzxcvbnmrtyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb Race and Your Community ETH 125 10/11/2009 Name of student
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2 Race and Your Community In this autobiographical research paper I will be discussing the members of my community and whether or not they look the same or different than myself. How the leaders of my community treat people that are like me. How members of my community treat people like myself. I will be reviewing my local media and how they represent people like me. I will be discussing some of the similarities and differences between myself and the people who are in leadership in my community, and whether or not I feel minority groups are represented within my community. I will decide whether or not I can resolve any inequities within my community and review and discuss the main concepts from the text that may relate to race. Although my community is diverse, I would say that there is a significant portion that does look like me and a significant portion that does not. According to the United States Census Bureau in 2000, 88% Caucasians were living in my community. I am a resident of Anderson, California, a small town in Northern California. I belong to the Caucasian race. Most of the people in my little community look a lot like me. My culture is mainly of Welch and German descent. There is also a diverse group of people and students who live in my community. Culturally, Anderson is known for its diversity and acceptance of a variety of political viewpoints and ethnicities. Overall our leaders have been supportive of people belonging to my race. I personally have not received any discrimination from anyone, nor have I ever observed any discriminating behavior to those who are different in this town. I don’t believe that discrimination is that prevalent in our community. Although, there may be instances of discrimination taking place and I am unaware of it. I personally have not had any negative treatment because of my race or ancestry in any store, city office, or organization. Neither have I heard of any negative behavior towards others who are different races or ethnicities. A few similarities between myself and leaders in my community is that we are all U.S.
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