United States - Many Hispanic groups have immigrated to the...

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Many Hispanic groups have immigrated to the United States. Each group contributes to the melting pot of cultures in the U.S., adding to the rich tapestry that constitutes the nation. Each culture brings with it a set of cultural traditions, customs, and languages that help enrich their communities and the country as a whole. Four of these groups – Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, and Cuban-Americans – will be examined in this paper. Mexican Americans Mexican Americans contribute to the nation in a variety of ways. Most Mexican Americans immigrated via borders across the Southwestern States. Legal immigrants of Mexican descent within the U.S. are one of the largest immigrant groups, totaling about 14 million, the majority of whom reside in California and Texas (U.S. Census Bureau, 2007). Mexicans who immigrate illegally and are undocumented are not treated very well. The U.S. is in the middle of an economic crisis, and Americans are growing weary of what some see as "supporting the world" when there are people at home who are hungry, in need of medical care, and need jobs. Such issues have fueled a newly-revived push to increase deportation rates and to eradicate undocumented Mexicans from the U.S. The push is not only coming from non- Mexican Americans. Mexican-Americans who have immigrated legally have begun to resent their undocumented compatriots because they have not complied with the same requirements. The culture of Mexican Americans is rich and varied. Most Mexican American families speak Spanish, and a large number are bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. Most Mexican American families are led by males. Men handle the money, while women take care of housekeeping and the family. Most Mexican Americans are Catholic, with religion being a big part of their lives. There are a number of festivals that are tied to the Catholic religion in Mexico. Within the U.S., Mexican Americans celebrate December 12 as The Feast of Our Lady
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of Guadalupe and January 6 th as Three Kings Day. In addition to religious holidays, Mexican Americans also celebrate on September 16 th , Mexican Independence Day, celebrating Mexico's
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United States - Many Hispanic groups have immigrated to the...

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