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biol1011 chap 7 - Note These answers are pretty correct but...

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Note: These answers are pretty correct, but I would look them up yourself just in case! Biology 1011 Test Three Questions Chapter 7 Questions 1. Which of the following is incorrect ? A. DNA polymerase -- makes a molecule of DNA from a DNA template B. RNA polymerase -- makes a molecule of RNA from an RNA template C. DNA ligase -- joins segments of DNA D. Ribosomes -- protein synthesis E. LacI (repressor) -- inhibitor of lactose operon expression. 2. In transcription, A. DNA is changed to RNA. B. DNA is copied to RNA. C. DNA is replicated. D. RNA is copied into DNA. E. Proteins are made. Table 1 Codon on mRNA and corresponding amino acid UUA leucine UAA nonsense GCA alanine AAU asparagine AAG lysine UGC cysteine GUU valine UCG, UCU serine 3. (Use Table 1). If the sequence of amino acids encoded by a strand of mRNA is serine- alanine-lysine-leucine, what is the order of bases in the mRNA. A. 5' UCUGCAAAGUUA B. 5' AGACGUUUCAAU C. 5' AAGUUAAAUUGC D. 5' UGUUCGGCAAAGUUA E. 5' UUAAAGGCAUCU 4. (Use Table 1). The anticodon for valine is A. GUU B. CUU C. CTT D. CAA E. GTA 5. (Use Table 1) What is the size of the peptide encoded by the following mRNA UUAUUAGCAUAAUGCAAU A. 18 B. 9 C. 6 D. 3 E. 2
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6. The base sequence of a messenger RNA molecule that is complementary to a genetic code of CGTTAGA would be expressed as A. CGTTAGA B. GCAAUCU C. GCUUTCT D. CGAAUGU E. CUUUCCU 7. In the operon, genes that code for enzyme proteins are called A. structural genes B. operator genes C. repressor genes D. inducer genes 8. The mRNA that codes for a particular protein will have ____ nucleotides for each amino acid in the protein. A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 E. 5 9. The enzyme that is responsible for the synthesis of DNA from a DNA template is A. DNA polymerase B. DNA ligase C. DNA restriction endonuclease D. RNA polymerase 10. All the following are true of the bacterial chromosome except A. it is composed of DNA. B. it contains plasmids. C. it replicates by the semiconservative method. D. it is about 1000 times the length of the bacterium. E. it is arranges as a closed loop. 11. All the following apply to the process of protein synthesis except A. the mRNA sequence is the same as that on the DNA template strand. B. amino acids are joined to one another at the ribosome. C. the process requires expenditure of energy. D. the gene must unwind before mRNA can be synthesized.
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biol1011 chap 7 - Note These answers are pretty correct but...

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