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1740_termproject - NATS 1740 6.0 Astronomy Summer 2011...

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NATS 1740 6.0 Astronomy Summer 2011 Constellation Photograph: Term Project: Due in class Thursday June 9, 2011 at the start of the lecture Introduction This project will increase your familiarity with, and appreciation of, the night sky. YOU must take a photograph of an assigned constellation and turn in a hard copy of it as part of a hard copy report written by you explaining the conditions under which you took the photograph. Read through all the instructions for the assignment before starting. In addition a 250 word ‘article’ on an astronomical topic of your choosing must accompany the photograph. Article write-up A 250 word (+/- 25 words) is required to be submitted with this project. The topic of this article must be associated with some aspect of the constellation. For example, is there some interesting scientific debate about a star in the constellation? Is there a planet from our solar system currently located in this constellation and thus could be written about? Almost any ‘connection’ to the constellation is acceptable. The article must be written in a style that could be published as a news item in a newspaper such as The Excalibur, The Lexicon, etc. Obviously the article must be brief, concise and accurate. Marks will be awarded for clarity, accuracy (science and English spelling), readability (including good grammatical construction) and length. 12 point font please. Your constellation The constellation you will photograph depends on your student number. From the following list of 10 constellations, choose the one that corresponds to the last digit of your student number: 0: Cygnus 2: Bootes 4: Lyra 6: Bootes 8: Draco 1: Hercules 3: Ursa Minor 5: Corona Borealis 7: Ursa Minor 9: Ursa Major Note that selection of the wrong constellation will result in a 50% reduction in the marks allocated to the photographs and negatives or original electronic files. • To locate your constellation you should look it up on a star chart or a planisphere or on the Skynews chart. You can purchase copies of SkyNews for a discounted price of $3.00 each from the NATS office (218 Bethune College or from the course director. • Consult your star charts or planisphere and decide when your constellation is conveniently visible at this time of the year. With the charts, go outside one clear evening to become familiar with the sky and locate your target constellation. You don't need to attempt photography on this night - just find the constellation and get acquainted with the stars. • York University's Astronomical Observatory (northwest corner of Petrie) is open to the public every clear Wednesday night, and is also available on-line every Monday evening York University 1 Fall Term Project
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NATS 1740 6.0 Astronomy Summer 2011 (yorkobservatory.com). Also, a NATS 1740 laboratory TA will be present on the William Small Centre parking garage roof on those nights to help you learn your way around the night sky. Take advantage of the help provided at these times! Photographic data
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1740_termproject - NATS 1740 6.0 Astronomy Summer 2011...

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