H Lecture1 - NST 160 Lecture 1 International Epidemic of...

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NST 160 Lecture 1 International Epidemic of Obesity and Dynamic Nature of Energy Balance What is Obesity? -Body Fat -Best defined as a disorder of body fat (excess body fatness) -How do you determine excess body fat? you could measure this by non-invasive methods (usually done by weighing people, getting one’s Body Mass Index) -Identified in practice usually by body weight, or BMI (Body mass Index= kg/m 2 ) -Body Mass Index: convenient measure of body size -Body size: this is not the only aspect of obesity because when you look at some populations, you will find that they may be really big in size, but they are not obese at all… -but in the Western world, BMI is mostly fat -Obesity is really about Body Fat Obesity is an Epidemic with Remarkably Changing Demographics -Everybody is so concerned with Obesity because it has taken the role of the number one potential health problem on earth -the biggest killer in the world, for the first time in history is now heart disease -America has led the way, we have pioneered the entire next generation of diseases -studies we do on Type II diabetes are now going to have more impact on India than America -In India, they’re about to have 100M diabetic in 10-15 years -heart disease, diabetes, directly correlated to obesity in the world -the incidence of obesity has more than doubled in US adults in the past 35 years -Paradox on modern obesity: in the old days, when you saw a picture of a banker, he was usually fat, with a cigar at hand… he was the rich guy… and then you would see working men and women who were thin and healthy -Today, the poorer you are, the more likely you are to be obese. Rural poverty, urban poverty, minority, Southern poverty, lower income… more associated with obesity in the Western world and internationally. There is malnutrition and obesity. -There are some communities in which all the kids are all obese. It’s becoming so prevalent to have so much disordered youth. We are worried because it is probably going to change the entire generation. It is estimated that this generation is the first generation in history that will not live longer than their parents. Obesity Trends
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H Lecture1 - NST 160 Lecture 1 International Epidemic of...

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