Chem1A MT1 Review Session Problems

Chem1A MT1 Review Session Problems - 2.65 10 5 m/s. What is...

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Chemistry 1A, Spring 2010 Midterm 1 Review Practice Problems Feb 4, 2010 Problems 1. Stoichiometry/Mixture Problem A mixture of CuO and Cu 2 O with a total combined weight of 1.512 g is treated with H 2 to make 1.275 g Cu metal. What is the percent composition by mass of CuO and Cu 2 O in the initial mixture? Answer: 50.31% CuO and 49.69% Cu 2 O 2. Photoelectric EFect Gadolinium (Gd), a metal, is irradiated with 400 nm photons, ejecting electrons with a velocity of
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Unformatted text preview: 2.65 10 5 m/s. What is the work function of the metal in kJ mol ? Answer: 280 kJ mol 3. Nicotine is made up of only Carbon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. (a) 2.38 10 3 mol Nicotine is burned in oxygen to produce 1.072 g CO 2 , 0.307 g H 2 and 0.068 g of N 2 . What is the emperical formula for Nicotine? Answer: C 5 H 7 N (b) The molecular weight of Nicotine is 162.3 g mol , what is the molecular formula? Answer: C 10 H 14 N 2 1...
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