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test 1 - The final grade for the course is based on mini...

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The final grade for the course is based on mini test scores (50%) and the final exam (50%). Jum had a total of 125 on his mini tests and a 35 on the final exam. Jum's final grade was? 125/130= 96%; 35/50=70%; (70+96)/2= 83% Jum earned a B The grade for this class is based on... Multiple choice tests A sales-oriented organization targets its products at... Everybody By definition marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering ________ and for managing customer relationships in ways the benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Value to customers According to your instructor, one of the things that makes the concept of value interesting to marketers is that: Customers do not always perceive all of the costs or all of the benefits associated with a product. Market-oriented organizations generate sales volume primarily through... Market-oriented organizations emphasize all of these activities (promotional activities, product activities, distribution activities, and pricing activities) Perla is trying to decide which of two plasma television sets she should purchase. One is more expensive than the other, but it has better resolution. Sound quality is the same on both television sets. They both come with remote controls, but Perla rarely uses a remote control so it is not a factor in her decision. Perla is using __________ to make the decision? Multiple criteria Which of the following statements about a consumer is FALSE? Consumers have similar tastes. What is the "pain threshold" for gadget buyers your textbook mentions? Gadget buyers will try to figure out a confusing new product for about 20 minutes before giving up and returning it. Which of the following is NOT a concern during the purchase stage of the consumer buying process? Identifying all of the alternative products available. What was the professor talking about when he asked you to do a 'reality check' before the 3rd week drop deadline. All of these things (Make sure you haven't developed any bad study habits in the first few weeks of class, Students who don't have perfect 10 s on the first three mini tests are more likely to fail the class than students who do have 10 s on the mini tests. The reality check asks you to look at how much effort you are able to put into the class and to drop out before it will affect your grade if it looks like the class will be too much for you, To make sure that your computer connection will work for taking the tests before any deadlines expire, To make sure that your computer connection will work for taking the
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tests before any deadlines expire. The rule of thumb for college level work is that to be successful, you should be putting in _________ hours outside of class for every hour in class? 2 to 3. Which of the following typically a responsibility of the marketing function in an organization?
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