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EE 312 DIGITAL ELECTRONICS SPRING 2009-10 TAKE HOME EXAM #8 Issued: May 13, 2010 Due: May 20, 2010 (To be submitted to Room D-112 latest until 17:00pm) 1. Consider the circuit given in the below figure. Neglect the propagation delays due to the gates. Assume that the diodes, D 1 and D 2 , are ideal (i.e., V D (on)=0V) . Also assume that v x (0 - )=v y (0 - )=0V. a) Find and plot v c (t), v x (t), v y (t), and v z (t) . b) What is the type of this regenerative circuit? What is the operating frequency and duty cycle ? c) Determine R 2 /R 1 ratio to set the duty cycle to 30% . Inverter Characteristic
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Specifications of gates of two different logic families are as given in the table. For the possible two connection configurations as indicated below determine the compatibility of the gates. Briefly express the solution methods to overcome the incompatibilities if there are any. Both consider the voltage and the current compatibilities. (a) (b) V IL V IH V OL V OH I IL I IH I OL I OH 74xx 1.5V 3V 0.5V 3.8V +0.1mA -0.1mA +1mA -1mA 74yy 2V 4V 0.5V 4.8V -0.01mA +0.01mA +0.1mA -0.1mA 74xx 74yy 74yy 74xx...
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