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EE 312 Digital Electronics Take Home Exam Part VI Due: April 28, 2010 CMOS Inverters Q.1. Consider the inverter given in the following figure. M O M L V DD V O V IN K N =K’ N (W/L) N K P =K’ P (W/L) P K’ N = 250 μ A/V 2 K’ P = 100 μ A/V 2 V DD = 5V (W/L) N = 1μm/1μm L P = 1μm V T,N = 1V V T,P = -1V (a) Determine the width (W) of the pMOS transistor to have a symmetric VTC for the inverter. Sketch the VTC. Indicate the V OH , V OL , V IL , and V IH points (You do not need to calculate V IL , and V IH ). (b) Determine the maximum operation frequency of this inverter, assuming that
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Unformatted text preview: it is driving 5 similar inverters, and the load capacitance is only due to the gate capacitances, where C ox =15fF/ μ m 2 . Assume that the clock signal has 50% duty cycle. (c) Simulate this circuit in Spice and find V OH , V OL , V IL , V IH , and the maximum operation speed. Compare the simulation results with the calculated values in part (a) and (b) Q.2. Implement the following logic function in CMOS....
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