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ch 05 - The Working Cell - worksheet - 16) Within...

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BIOL 100 – General Biology JG Boal Chapter 5 – The Working Cell – Review Questions 1) What is the difference between chemical energy and kinetic energy? 2) What is thermodynamics? 3) What is the first law of thermodynamics? 4) What is the second law of thermodynamics? 5) What is entropy? 6) An _____ reaction is one that releases energy; an _____ reaction is one absorbs energy. 7) What is phosphorylation? 8) What is ATP, chemically? Is it necessary for life? Why? 9) What kind of molecule is an enzyme? 10) What does it mean to say that an enzyme catalyzes a reaction? Can enzymes catalyze any reaction? 11) What is the active site of an enzyme? 12) What kinds of things denature enzymes? What happens to the enzymes when they are denatured? 13) What is a cofactor? 14) What is an enzyme inhibitor? How does it work? What is the difference between a competitive inhibitor and a noncompetitive inhibitor? 15) What is feedback inhibition?
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Unformatted text preview: 16) Within eukaryotic cells, where are enzymes found? 17) When we say that the plasma membrane is selectively permeable, what do we mean? 18) What does the plasma membrane do? 19) What is the membrane made up of? How are these molecules organized? 20) Which kinds of molecules pass through the plasma membrane easily? 21) What is the fluid mosaic model? 22) What are some other molecules that are embedded in the plasma membrane and are important for its functions? 23) What is cholesterol used for, within the plasma membrane? 24) What is diffusion? 25) What is passive transport? 26) What is active transport? 27) What molecules are involved in active transport across the plasma membrane? 28) What is osmosis? 29) What do isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic mean? 30) What is lysis? 31) What does turgid mean? 32) What is exocytosis? Endocytosis? Pinocytosis? Phagocytosis?...
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ch 05 - The Working Cell - worksheet - 16) Within...

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