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BIOL 100 – General Biology / Boal Worksheet for Chapters 10-12 – Microbial Genetics 1. A virus consistes of genetic material made from ___ and a ___ coat. 2. Why are viruses are not normally considered alive? 3. What was the importance of Frederick Griffith’s experiment in 1928 with heat-killed bacteria? 4. A virus that inflects a bacterium is called a ___. 5. What is the lytic cycle?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is a prophage? 7. What is the lysogenic cycle? 8. What causes a cell to move from the lysogenic to the lytic cycle? 9. What processes contribute to the emergence of new viruses? 10. What is a retrovirus? 11. What are the names of the three processes by which bacterial cells can gain new genes? Explain each. 12. What is a plasmid?...
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