ch 12 - DNA technology - worksheet - class

ch 12 - DNA technology - worksheet - class - 15. What is a...

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BIOL 100 – General Biology / Boal Worksheet for Chapter 12 – DNA Technology 1. When genes are combined from different sources, it is called ___. 2. When many identical copies of DNA are made, it is called ___. 3. When genes are manipulated for practical purposes, it is called ___. 4. When organisms or parts of organisms are used to make other useful products, it is called ___. 5. How are genes cut into pieces? 6. How do restriction enzymes work? 7. What is meant by “sticky ends”? 8. What enzyme is used to securely paste a new piece of DNA into a recombinant DNA molecule? 9. What does this enzyme do? 10. How does recombinant DNA get into bacteria? 11. What is a genomic library? What are the two types? 12. What is cDNA and how is it created? 13. How is DNA technology useful? 14. What is a nucleic acid probe and what is it used for?
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Unformatted text preview: 15. What is a DNA microarray assay used for? 16. What is gel electrophoresis and how does it work? 17. What are restriction fragment polymorphisms? 18. What is PCR? How does it work? 19. What is forensic science? 20. What is a DNA fingerprint? 21. What is gene therapy? 22. What is the Human Genome Project? 23. The haploid human genome has about ___ genes; about ___% of the DNA appears to be non-coding. 24. ___ is the study of whole sets of genes and their interactions. 25. ___ is the study of full protein sets encoded by genomes. 26. ____ organisms have acquired genes by artificial means. 27. ___ organisms have had genes from other organisms inserted into their genomes. 28. What are current environmental concerns about GM organisms?...
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ch 12 - DNA technology - worksheet - class - 15. What is a...

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