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Journal Entry 3 In class we began discussing the importance of railroads and the impact that they made across Pennsylvania. It made me think about all the railroad crossings that are rarely used and how busy they must have been in the heat of the industrial revolution. With as many rails there were and the amount of trains running I find it amazing that there hasn’t been more tragedies on the lines than there has been. I am aware that people have been maimed and killed by trains because a man my mother worked with growing up was responsible for picking up the body parts on rail lines and dispose of them. However I haven't heard much at all about train collisions other than your typical hypothetical algebra problems. I then remembered back to when I was in boy scouts getting my railroading merit badge at the railroad museum in Strausburgh and the learning model they had us mess around with. It essentially put you in
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Unformatted text preview: charge of the whole railroad pausing trains to let others pass, clearing bridges and tunnels,turning trains around, and even picking up cargo. After struggling through the model for a while I began to grasp how the systems worked but had an enormous new found respect for the people who ran the rails on a regular basis. A job that you would think isn't stressful turned out to be much more complex than I could have ever predicted. In addition the the models I remember riding the old steam engine through Amish farmland at a grueling pace of about 5 miles an hour with thick plumes of steam rolling down the sides of he carts. Experiencing such an old machine work and still produce that much steam and power gave me a better understanding of how these locomotives could haul such vast amounts of weight as efficiently as they did....
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