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1.1 lecture01 - Instructor: Dr. Guosheng Yin, Rm MW502E,...

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1 STAT 1301 Probability & Statistics Lecture 1 Instructor: Dr. Guosheng Yin , 尹國聖 • Rm MW502E, e-mail: gyin@hku.hk References : • Sheldon R (2005). A First Course in Probability (7th Edition) Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River (7th Edition). Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River. • Casella G and Berger RL (2001). Statistical Inference (2nd Edition). Duxbury Press: California. • Hogg RV and Craig AT (2004). Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (6th Edition) . Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River. Homework, Exam & Grading Regular homework assignments will be collected and graded. Homework and a midterm exam accounts for 25%. NO LATE HOMEWORK IS ACCEPTED. • Partially or wholly copied assignments will be penalized and/or reported as plagiarism. A final exam , accounting for 75%, covers all material discussed over the entire semester. Class Attendance: Many of the exam questions will be related to problems mentioned in class. 1. Probability Origin of Probability Combinatorial Analysis Algebra of Sets and Mathematical Theory of Probability Conditional Probability, Statistical Independence and Bayes’ Rule 2. Random Variables and Probability Distributions – Random Variables – Expectation, Mean and Variance – Discrete and Continuous Distributions – Distribution of Function of Random Variables 3. Jointly Distributed Random Variables – Joint and Marginal Distributions – Covariance, Correlation, Independence of Random Variables – Sum of Independent Random Variables Variables – Conditional Distributions, Conditional Expectation – Transformation of Multivariate Distribution
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2 4. Limit Theorems – Modes of Convergence – Weak Law of Large Numbers – Strong Law of Large Numbers – Central Limit Theorem 5Ot i lT i 5. Optional Topics – Clinical Trial Design – Statistical Inference – Bayesian Methods – Stochastic Processes • Many real-life problems deal with variability or random phenomena • Weather forecast: temperature, wind speed • Medicine: survival data (time to death, time
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1.1 lecture01 - Instructor: Dr. Guosheng Yin, Rm MW502E,...

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