1.11 lecture12

1.11 lecture12 - 1 STAT 1301 Probability &...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 STAT 1301 Probability & Statistics Lecture 12 Lecture 12 Continuous R.V. • Continuous if its distribution function • The function f is called the probability density function (pdf). pdf f (x) is not a probability • f (a) is a measure of how likely it is that the random variable will be near a 2 Reports on Pfizer drug studies misleading • Analysis of a dozen published studies testing possible new uses for a Pfizer Inc. epilepsy drug found that reporting of the results was often misleading, indicating the medicine worked better than internal company documents showed. • "We believe the review suffers from significant bias, insufficient data, poor methodology, and cannot pass the threshold of credible scientific research," Pfizer said in a statement. • "at studies in which a company and people working for it so maliciously manipulated the data to make a drug look more effective than it actually was.“ • "In every instance, the published article made the drug look better than it would...
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1.11 lecture12 - 1 STAT 1301 Probability &...

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