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The University of Hong Kong Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences STAT103 DATA MANAGEMENT Tutorial 5 3. Read the following data, and create a data set, LEARN. Subj Group Dose Weight Subgroup 001 A Low 220 2 002 A High 90 1 003 B Low 88 1 004 B High 165 2 005 A Low 88 1 (a) Use where to create a new dataset fat, satisfying the condition Weight>100.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Use delete to repeat (a) (c) Use if Clause to create a new data set normal, under the condition weight <=100, dose is low. (d) Use output to create two datasets, group1 and group 2: group1 including the observation with group=’A’, group2 including the observations with group=’B’....
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