ass1 - STAT1303A Data Management Due Date: 8th October,...

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STAT1303A Data Management Assignment 1 Due Date: 8th October, 2009 1. A questionnaire is given in the following. (a) Design a codebook for the questionnaire. Your codebook should contain the variable names, a description for the variables, the type (character, numeric, ...) and length/size of the variables, and the codes used. State clearly any relationship/restrictions among the variables. (b) What is the statistical type for each variable (Qualitative, Quantitative, nominal, ordinal, discrete count, interval continuous, ratio continuous)? Suggest a summary statistic for each variable. Questionnaire What is your name? Family name _________________ Given name _________________ What are the day, month, and year of your birth? ______________ / ______________ / ______________ DAY MONTH YEAR REFUSED Were you born in the United States? YES (skip the next question) NO REFUSED How old were you when you first came to the United States? ______________YEARS OLD REFUSED Was your overall physical health during the past 30 days better, worse, or about the same as usual for you? BETTER WORSE ABOUT THE SAME (skip the next question) REFUSED (skip the next question) A lot (better/worse), somewhat, or only a little (better/worse) than usual? A LOT SOMEWHAT A LITTLE REFUSED During the last 30 days, do you have difficulty in any one of the following areas: Concentrating on doing something for ten minutes. Understanding what was going on around you.
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ass1 - STAT1303A Data Management Due Date: 8th October,...

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