Assignment5 - which can be simplified by finding the gcd of...

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Department of Computer Science The University of Hong Kong CSIS1117A Computer Programming Assignment 5 Due Date: 23:59, Nov 29, 2009. You may assume all input are valid in this exercise. Write a program to do fraction arithmetic. Your program should consists of 3 functions: get_fraction() and add_fraction() and print_fraction(). struct Fraction { int integral; //integral part of the fraction int num; //numerator of the fraction int denom; //denominator of the fraction, num < denom, and they // are relatively prime, i.e. No common factors. } Fraction get_fraction() //post: return a fraction from 3 integers read from cin, in the order of //integral, num & denom. void print_fraction(Fraction data) //pre: data is a valid Fraction //post: fraction are output as integral{num/denom}, such as 1{2/3} Fraction add_fraction(Fraction a, Fraction b) //pre: a, and b are valid Fractions //post: return the sum of a and b as a valid Fraction Note that a/b + c/d = (ad+bc)/bd,
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Unformatted text preview: which can be simplified by finding the gcd of the numerator and denominator. Write the gcd function using recursion . Your program should be able to store any number of Fractions in a dynamic array. Find the sum of them using a simple loop, assuming that there are more than 2 input fractions. Remember to free the array after use. Enter number of Fractions: 5 Enter Fraction 1: 1 5 6 Enter Fraction 2: 3 2 3 Enter Fraction 3: 2 1 2 Enter Fraction 4: 0 1 6 Enter Fraction 5: 0 2 3 Their sum is 8{5/6} Notice: 1: Please just hand in source code file (.cpp). The filename should be “assignmentFive.cpp”. 2: The statement “system (&quot;PAUSE&quot;)” should be removed. The following is a non-recursive gcd function. (For you start writing your program even recursion has not been discussed. In final program please use recursion function ) int gcd(int a, int b) { while (b != 0){ int t; t = b; b = a % b; a = t; } return a; }...
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Assignment5 - which can be simplified by finding the gcd of...

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