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fr - everybody has his own standard Remember learn the...

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MATH1111/2010-11 1 Final Remark The main purpose of this course is to convey the basic knowledge of linear algebra. Indeed, there are some messages (learning methods) deserved your attention. We always emphasize examples, non-examples and counterexamples. This way of thinking actu- ally applies to other disciplines and situations - learn the good, and learn the opposite. One of my observation is "Lecture etiquette" - endless chat, late coming, early leaving - fortunately it is problem of a few students, though annoying enough. As what I said before, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Through your eyes, I see many rooms for improvement. Thank you, I will keep them in mind. I hope that these de ciencies are NOT bad to you - learn the opposite! For example, someone commented "no heart to teach". (Fine, albeit insulting, I respect any perception
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Unformatted text preview: - everybody has his own standard.) Remember: learn the opposite - so please work with heart - put more time and more e²ort - to an extent that you and other people feel satisfactory. Back to linear algebra. The ±nal exam paper consists of 7 questions. What I would tell is 1. about 50% is standard and easy - the questions in exercises, tutorials, assignments, tests and past exam papers are helpful. Work carefully to avoid careless mistakes. 2. this paper is slightly longer than the last year paper - manage your time. 3. keep this in mind: "You should always give precise and adequate explanations to support your conclusions. Arguments must be well presented and clearly written. A mere yes, no or numerical answer will not earn you any marks. Think carefully before you write." Have a fruitful study. Good luck....
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