Journal entry one

Journal entry one - Reading about the ideas of existential...

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10/08/10 Reading about the ideas of existential philosophers like Soren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Milan Kundera, and Orhan Pamuk has actually influenced the way I look at the world around me. For example, I have found that many of the ideas that these philosophers have are interconnected. Seeing these connection have helped me to notice the world around me more and it has also helped me to make my own connections in all sorts of different aspects of my life. So far, I believe that the most important thing that existentialism has taught me is that there isn't a straightforward way to realizing the reason for being but that rather it has taught me that there are implications in thinking about one's reasons for being and in some ways we are fortunate to be able to even be aware that we are living but in some ways maybe we would be better off not knowing we have this reason. Being a science major I am often influenced by what is going on in the environmental world so it is interesting for me whenever I am able to find connections between existentialism and science. Many say that religion and science cannot and should not be mixed. Existentialism is not a religion but sometimes feels like a religion. Even so, I find it amazing to discover the similarites between the two differing objects.
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Journal entry one - Reading about the ideas of existential...

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