Presentation on The Plague

Presentation on The Plague - The Plague (Part 1 and 2)...

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The Plague (Part 1 and 2) Patricia Abrudan “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.” - Friedrich Nietzsche Main Points: 1. Part One introduces the city of Oran, a coastal town in North Africa. A city that is simple and described to be experiencing strange occurrences of many rats dieing without much rhyme or reason. By the end of this part, a plague hits the town and appears to have been spread/continues to be spread by the rats or fleas from the rats. Different characters are introduced. One of which, Monsieur Cottard attempts suicide. The decision to finally declare the situation a plague finally occurs at the very end of this part. Dr. Reiux states “Your stating the problem wrongly. It's not a question of the term I use, it's a question of time.” 2. The beginning of Part Two shows how different individuals in the city are coping with the plague and what measures are being brought about to rid the town of the plague. Some of this is centered around Dr. Reiux with his colleagues' decisions orienting the town Prefect's orders. The town is completely isolated from the rest of the world. Communication becomes very
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Presentation on The Plague - The Plague (Part 1 and 2)...

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