Art History Chapter 17 Study Guide

Art History Chapter 17 Study Guide - -By Giotto di...

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Art History Chaper 17 Who made it? When was it made? Why was it made? Purpose? What does it mean? What is displayed? Not displayed? What is the context? Who was the primary audience? Form, Content, Context Artist, Title, Date, Location, sentences about the art Terms/Concepts: Altarpiece Italo-Byzantine Style (aka “maniera greca”) Fresco: paint is applied with water-based paints on wet plaster (buon fresco) Predella Narrative vs. Iconic
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“Virgin and Child Enthroned” -By Cimabue -Italo-Byzantine Style (maniera greca) -1280 -Originally painted for the Church of Santa Trinita, Florence -representative, iconic -pentagonal, house-like shape -flat, gold -colors symbolic “Virgin and Child Enthroned”
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Unformatted text preview: -By Giotto di Bondone-1305-Originally at Church of the Ognissanti, Florence-iconic, altar-more depth, faces, shadowing-colors: Virgins blue gown royalty Jesus’ red gown sacrifice-Frescoes for the Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel, Padua-By Giotto-1305-1306-originally attached to Scrovegni’s Palace-barrel vault shape-paintings consist of Jesus’ life-narrative scenes-more colors, less gold-“Lamentation”-scene after his death • Emotion! • Focus is towards Jesus (ie Wall) • Tree is dead/bare-Tabernacle-By Andrea Orcagna-1355-1359-housing a painting of “Madonna and Child” by Daddi Orsanmichele, Florence...
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Art History Chapter 17 Study Guide - -By Giotto di...

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