Colonial Latin American Art Study Guide

Colonial Latin American Art Study Guide - native...

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Colonial Latin American Art -reading on blackboard -architects not need to be known -many translation of European art -Purpose: natives learn faith Etching Drypoint Camera obscura Vanitas Plateresque Style Atrial cross
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“Cathedral, Santo Domingo” -Bishop Geraldo Alejandro Geraldini -before 1540 -Plateresque style: carving into surface of façade -façade combination of European styles: Spanish renaissance building -inside gothic arches and columns “Ideal Franciscan Mission” (not on test) -Diego de Valadés -1579 -preaching book Rhetorica Christiana -Franciscan order of church, mission to convert natives -image of missionary courtyard, scenes showing teaching of natives, baptism -symbolic image of church, renaissance looking, (missionaries carried church into
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Unformatted text preview: native realm)-chapel-like structures in corners: processions from on to another “Mission of San Agustin”-Acolman-Mexico-1539-1571-Spanish renaissance, plateresque style-build in part by natives-exterior chapels: 1) hope to have large attendance 2) attempt by Christians to mold their form of worship to native traditions (outside)-buttresses: for support against environmental natural disasters “Atrial Cross”-Chapel of the Indians, Basilica of Guadalupe, Mexico City-1556-crosses placed in courtyards as primary visual for teaching natives-“hybrid” of crucifixion and pictograms format that the natives are more accustomed to-symbols used to tell story of passion: crown of thorns, whip, nails, blood, spear...
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Colonial Latin American Art Study Guide - native...

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