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Chapter 4 - Eutrophication(excess nitrogen in water sources...

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Chapter 4 Importance of… Water Cycle Human consumption Fresh water is limited Electronic manufacture Sustain life on Earth Hydroelectric energy source Coolant for energy production Agriculture, food production Box and Arrow diagram: Storage basin (box) (_____) Transfer/process/action ( ) Ocean Evaporation (or Transpiration (plants)) Atmosphere Precipitation Surface water (or glaciers, ice caps, groundwater, aquifers, soil) Nitrogen Cycle (N2 makes up 78% of the atmosphere) DNA Protein (active proteins=enzymes) Plants need nitrogen, we need plants Food production o Fixation takes nitrogen from the atmosphere and makes it available to the biosphere o People have messed up the nitrogen cycle Atmosphere Nitrogen fixation(microorganisms) soil (Ammonia, Nitrate) plants producers, consumers Denitrification through microorganisms atmosphere Humans have figured out ways to double the nitrogen fixation
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Unformatted text preview: Eutrophication (excess nitrogen in water sources) • algae grows and decomposition uses lots of dissolved oxygen, lessening the availability of dissolved oxygen for consumers (fish) Carbon Cycle • Climate • Carbon in plants • Fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, petroleum) • Diamonds Biosphere (plants + consumers) Atmosphere (CO2, Methane) Photosynthesis (CO2 fixation in plants) Volcanic Activity ----------------Atmosphere Fossil Fuel burning into the…. .Atmosphere Decomposition and Deforestation Atmosphere Ocean (Dissolved CO2, life) Atmosphere (through diffusion) • CO2 is a greenhouse gas • Too much CO2 increases the greenhouse effect which increased the temperature • Example of Positive Feedback which is a negative outcome: CO2 raises temperature, ice melt reduce albedo (reflective energy from ice) increase temperature...
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Chapter 4 - Eutrophication(excess nitrogen in water sources...

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