Chapter 7 - Tragedy of the Commons common land is used for...

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Chapter 7: Human Population Dynamics Demography: study of population -demographers keep track of vitals (birth and death) 6.7 billion people in 2009 -growth rates in each country = birth + immigration – death + immigration -be able to explain age distribution charts -carrying capacity cannot be applied to human populations (state and nations are meaningless in ecological terms -density=number of people per square mile
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Unformatted text preview: Tragedy of the Commons: common land is used for personal use that helps the community too, but soon the land will be used up and then the whole area and people will suffer because the land will be unusable Population problem groups/theorists answer the question: is there a population problem?-marxists: no (distribution problem)-zero population: yes-cornucopians: no- Malthusians: yes...
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