Exam 1 Notes - Chapter 2 Maps(mapping Air Photos Satellite...

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Chapter 2 Maps (mapping), Air Photos, Satellite Images Map Essentials/Basics (pg 43) SEE loose leaf 1) Scale 2) Title 3) Legend (no legends on Topographic maps b/c there’s too much info pg 92) 4) Date 5) North Arrow 6) Grid Location (longitude, latitude) Scale (most crucial): a ratio or fraction or bar scale 1____i____2(graphic) or verbal (one inch equals 24,000 inches); a depiction between the relationship of the map and what is being “mapped”. Example: 1:24,000 (1=on map, 24,000=real world distance) Planimetric/Topographic Isolines - Planimetric Maps: depicting world in 2 dimensions, flat, do not show vertical space/elevation/altitude - Topographic Maps: can depict elevation with a contour line (graphic impression of elevation), adds a 3 rd dimension - Isoline : connects points of equal value On a infrared light map, healthy vegetation appears red Go to website: weather underground. Keep track of temperatures of Bismarck, ND and Astoria, Oregon Go to Google Earth, pick a city ISOLINES CONTOUR LINE - A specific kind of isoline ISO LINE - Line that connects points of equal  value    ISO BAR - Line that connects points of equal  barometric pressure   ISO HYETS - Line that connects points of equal  rainfall ISO THERMS - Line that connects points of equal  temperature    ISO CRONS - Line that connects points of equal  time     CONTOUR INTERVAL - Accompany contour lines to show elevation
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- Usually occur at regular intervals (usually in “ft. above sea level”) - Closeness of lines determines steepness (the closer, the steeper) - Gives us a sense of the shape if the landscape TOPOGRAPHIC MAP OF THE CITY OF OXFORD - Use map to calculate the shortest route that exerts the least force - Contour line= 10ft. - When showing a really steep incline, must increase interval so the map doesn’t  have a ton of lines and becomes unreadable BM - “Benchmark”…a physical plaque placed at a site of significant change in  landscape SPOT MARKER - Like a BM, but not as obvious INDEX/ MARKER CONTOUR
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Exam 1 Notes - Chapter 2 Maps(mapping Air Photos Satellite...

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